Seamarks wuzzle art


These wooden seamarks are perfect for wall decoration. The package includes three 10 x 13 cm paintings, and accessories for attachment. The pictures are made with a technique called wuzzle-art (wooden puzzle). The parts are at first cut off, then painted, and finally attached back to the background.

- made of 4 mm birch plywood
- treated with vegetable oil-based wax
- three pictures included, size of each 10 x 13 cm
- easy attachment with double-sided tape (included)
- made in Finland

Double-sided tape grabs well to most wall materials, such as painted wallboard, wood and smooth stone wall. However it doesn't grab well to a rough surface. Always ensure the hanging with a nail. 

Please note, that wood as a natural material may bend as a consequence of humidity or temperature variations.

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