Wooden map of USA


This wooden map of the USA is an absolute eye catcher of your house. The map comes in 43 pieces,  that are put on the wall like a puzzle. The map includes all the states except Alaska and Hawaii. State-names are laser-engraved to the wood.


– choose the size: Large (width 39") or Extra large (width 49")

– choose from three color options: white waxed, black or natural wood

– material: 4 mm birch plywood

– easy wall mounting with double-sided tape (included)

– every map is carefully hand finished and treated with vegetable-oil based wax


Wall mounting: (see also the pictures)

  1. Remove the states from their wooden frames
  2. Attach a piece of tape to backside of every state. Put tapes also to the corners of the frame (western states)
  3. Remove the protective film from the tapes
  4. Install the frame (western states) with the help of a level. (take in the consideration the full width of the map)
  5. Install the states to the wall one by one
  6. Remove the frame from the wall (western states) and attach also the eastern states
  7. Press the parts firmly to ensure a good grabbing

Double-sided tape grabs well to most wall materials, such as painted wallboard, wood and stone wall. However it may not grab well to a rough surface.

Please note, that wood as a natural material may bend as a consequence of humidity or temperature variations.


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